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v               MINISTRY                        v                  Board O.S.P. [Public School Education]
OF RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS               v                 v           in Toruń
AND PUBLIC EDUCATION         v                 v                      vL. dz. [file no.] 6091

Department of MIDDLE SCHOOLS       v                       To
v              WARSAW,                                     v                 v      Board of the Pomeranian
v         20 August 1921     v         v         v         v         v            v    School District


No. 16480/D.II.
In replies, reference should be made to the above number.                 v         v in Toruń–
Re: the nomination of
Mr Roman Ingarden.


v      In response to the report of 4 August 1921 L.6674/21., the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education appoints Mr Roman Ingarden as a teacher at the state middle school in Toruń as of 1 August 1921.
v      The salary will be determined by the Board on the basis of the applicable regulations.

    v      For the Minister
v          G Zawadzki