Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 30.09.1968

T. Tymieniecka 

348 Payson Rd.
Belmont, Mas

Dear Professor,

I will reply right away. Well, I can only organize this congress where I lecture – and that is in Waterloo; they have already received funds for it. Unfortunately, the presentations have to be in English, but the language of the discussions (deliberations) is left at your discretion (German, French), since there will be a lot of Europeans taking part in the discussions, and this way they at least will be able to understand something. All costs will be covered (I will take care of it) and Professor can choose yourself by what means you would like to come here. As for the passport, I am not sure, but I will definitely try to get you a visa. Maybe the University of Waterloo should directly address the Academy of Sciences with regards to the passport?? Please respond!

I personally care about your arrival very much, because without you I will be absolutely unable to “exorcise” heideggerism out of Husserl because this is a widespread approach and it will make it impossible to point to the complexities of transcendental subjectivity.

I am asking for an immediate answer because so far I have been inviting participants so they   suit you.

I am counting on your participation. This would be a truly historical meeting!

Yours always
     c      Teresa


As soon as you finally agree to participate the University of Waterloo will send you an official invitation, so that you can obtain a passport, etc.

Heartfelt greetings to the both of you


PS My essay on creativity is going into print in French as a 150-page book
PS. What about Professor’s essay from Oslo on transcendence in Husserl’s thought?!! I am waiting for it!