Letter from Bogdan Suchodolski written in 25.10.1945


Dear Roman,

I cordially thank you for the trouble incurred in the shipping of my books, which I received the day before yesterday in excellent condition. They don’t constitute my entire library, and many things are missing. Perhaps not all the books were taken from Jagiellonka [Jagiellonian Library]? Might I hope that the library cabinets will be sent at some subsequent opportunity? There was no way to give anything to the driver of the car, because he left the books at the University during my absence. Perhaps something should be offered to him. I won’t write any more at present, because I’m going unexpectedly to London the day after tomorrow to the conference of ministers of the allied nations. This will, of course, delay the delivery of the manuscript to my translator, but I hope to read, note, and perhaps bring many things there.

I enclose cordial greetings