Letter from Edmund Husserl written 31.12.1928

Date of creation 31.12.1928
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Freiburg, New Year’s Eve 1928

Dear Friend,

            I hasten to communicate to you that Tward[owski] sounded very appreciative in his letter and he spoke quite respectfully of you. Moreover, he said nothing about the things that you projected from my letter into his. The occasion for my heartfelt advice was the statements in your letter concerning your conversation with Tw[ardowski], and I could not assume at the time that it was the only time that you had discussed career-related issues with him. Moreover, based on your previous letter, it sounded as if you had reproached him, etc. I still think it would have been better if you had not asked the question, but at any rate, I am glad that the conversation was more harmless than it seemed.

            I do believe that he seriously respects you, but I also believe that he internally resents the whole phen[omenological] movement, and as I said, I do not think he is quite sincere. I may be wrong. Anyway, I am glad that you are fending for yourself. I am sure that you will soon become the most credible researcher in Poland for the whole world to see. We consider you to be one of the best. May your dear wife have courage and trust, too. I wish you and your family a happy New Year (my wife sends her regards, too).

Yours, E. Husserl