Letter from Hans Cornelius written 05.11.1935

Munich, Haimhauserstr. 16/4.                                                        November 5, 1935


Dear Colleague,

  n        It took me a long time to read your work “L’essay logistique d’une refronte de la philosophique”, which you so kindly sent me, and therefore, it took me this long to finally thank you for your gift. I had been so bogged down with many other things, some of them unpleasant business-related tasks, that I could not find the peace and energy to read a scientific book.
  n        Finally, these interruptions have been removed, though perhaps not completely, but at least reduced enough that I could dedicate a quiet evening to reading your manuscript. I read it with great interest and believe that I understood it correctly – although it wasn’t effortless. If I understood you correctly, I wholeheartedly agree with your investigations and your results. I am glad that I concur and would like to express my gratitude for kindly sending me your work!
  n        I, on the other hand, have been scientifically inactive for quite a while now and therefore, I don’t have anything I can send you in return. I probably shouldn’t offer to send you any previous publications of mine. Hence, I will temporarily be in your debt. The moments in which I feel the need to become philosophically active belong to the philosophy of the arts.
  n        Perhaps I will write something about this topic in the near future. Furthermore, should I be able to find a publisher who is willing to print my work, I will deliver my promise and send you something in return.
  n        Until then, I will have to ask you to make do with my expression of gratitude.
  n          n          n          n        Best regards and yours faithfully,
  n          n          n          n          n          n          n        H.Cornelius