Letter from Henryk Mehlberg written in 20.04.1947

 c       Dear Honoured Professor!

 c  Importantly, I obtained another copy of Spór [o istnienie świata; Controversy over the existence of the world], acquired by the local Warsaw Philosophical Seminar. Ms Ziemska, the wife of the assistant at this seminar, studying in Cracow, has sent you the amount due from the bill. I decided on this solution, given that, following Iza D.’s departure, I no longer see any of the Lviv philosophers here.
 c  As for the translation of the filmology dissertation, I’d prefer not to undertake it, not only because of the work involved in preparing my five-hour lecture, but above all due to the novelty of the field, which is terminologically and materially alien to me. However, I leave the final decision to you.
 c  I cordially thank you for your interest in my case in Wrocław. Recently, I received a letter from the local Dean’s office about sending offprints, to which he hasn’t yet replied. I want to consult first with Prof. Ajdukiewicz on the occasion of his stay in Łódź.
 c  I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and cordial greetings

H Mehlberg

Warsaw, 20/4/47