Letter from Irena Krońska written in 01.07.1966

Warsaw, July 1, 1966

Dear and Honorable Professor,

Forgive me for my delayed response to the card and letters from June 18 and 21, but there were several reasons that contributed to it: errands related to the Committee meeting, Myzia’s trip to Zakopane, and spiritual dilemmas along with some tedious tasks related to us moving apartments. I had a choice between two flats, each with their own good sides and disadvantages. I decided on Saska Kępa and I am very happy with this decision. The much smaller place, but with greenery, good air, and a beautiful view. The move will take place in July, I will write when everything is ready – and I will of course the post office to redirect the correspondence.
 c       We regret that you could not be present at the Committee meeting, which was very nice. Ms. Iza probably already reported to Professor on its course and the decisions made. Ms. Iza’s speech was beautiful, so was the reply to it by Tatarkiewicz, who spoke with great grace and humor; I have not seen or heard him in such good shape in a long time. I am currently writing a report, I will send Professor a copy when it is ready.
 c       Regarding the very unpleasant for me matter of Kant; well, maybe the selection could have been better, it is always a debatable issue how and what to choose. We basically tried to provide a “school” selection, didactic, and at the same time illustrative in relation to the introduction to the volume. It can be properly assessed only in its entirety – and it does not only include fragments of Critique of Pure Reason, but also excerpts from Prolegomena, from other Critiques, from early and late minor writings /including items not yet translated/. We can no longer change the concept, because the booklet has already gone through typesetting and is – as far as I know – in print. The legal situation, on the other hand, is such that copyright law does not provide that the translator’s consent is necessary when reprinting part of a published translation in an anthology; the translator is only entitled to royalties as if it were a second edition, and Universal Knowledge has acted accordingly. – As for the substantive level, I believe that if various selections appear alongside full texts, as in this case, they do not only not replace them or push them out, but instead often encourage the reader to become familiar with entire works of a given thinker . Countries with such high great culture and great scientific productivity as France, England, Germany release new selections of works and anthologies of individual authors, schools, etc. almost every year, without sacrificing the frequency of publishing full texts.
 c       I hope that the unfortunate dispute over Kant will not affect our over thirty years of friendly – I trust – relationship and mutual sentiment. /I have only realized that it has been more or less thirty years recently on the occasion of Władek Bednarowski’s visit in Warsaw. So many years! As a consolation you can say that we have always talked with pleasure and ease, as if we were not divided by so much in both time and space/. Maybe after seeing the entire selection Professor will no longer consider it arbitrary.

With best wishes for a soon recovery
 c       My deepest respect and devotion
 c       and cordial greetings

 c I Kronska
Irena Krońska