Letter from Irena Krońska written in 06.08.1966

                      c                           c                         c                      Warsaw, 8/6/1966

Dear Professor,

thank you for your letter from the 1st. The post office has already re-addressed it here, at my new apartment.
  c     Thank you for your comments on the minutes. I rewrote them and added to the comments I received from other Committee members. Later I will have to reach some sort of a synthesis, or – as a Hegelian synthesis would be impossible here – some compromise with it.
  c     The new apartment is a great pleasure for me. Despite it being small, despite the fact that dealing with the formalities related to it, and then moving out was extremely tiring, despite the fact that it all cost a lot, so I am up to my ears in debt, despite the fact that I lost my holidays and I lost a lot of time, despite the fact that it has numerous faults, as new buildings do, both small and organic ones, despite the fact that I still have a lot of work to do, most of all with the books /I have still only set up half of them/, despite all these, I am happy that I had enough strength and energy to accomplish this. Here, I have a lot of light, air, greenery, and silence – so exactly what I missed at Marszałkowska. From the windows, instead of the neon advertisement of Shanghai, the view from XXX or the well yard /the view from the kitchen/, I have a wide view of Warsaw and watch the sunset every day, first the red ball, and then the pink mists. I like this view so much that I do not leave the house at sunset. And so far, I feel so good here I rarely leave for anything beyond necessities. I have not finished my work yet, but it seems to me that as soon as I can rest a bit (I am objectively very exhausted), it will not be that hard to accomplish here. I would like to be done by December – and then for Christmas I would like to go to Austria to see my brother who is building a house in the Alps – everything is supposed to be ready by Christmas. And before that in September I am going to Prague for the Hegel congress for a few days. I probably should not, but I really like Prague and I would like to see it again.
  c     On this occasion I am also writing to Ms. Gierulanka. The index can end up being quite extensive. I understand completely that it is hard make it.
  c     Myzia is in Zakopane, the weather seems rather poor there. I am glad that the temperature is already normal, and I am sure that her other ailments will soon disappear. During Professor’s next visit I will you to my place, preferably in the afternoon, so we can enjoy this sunset. The access is quite good – the bus line 111 leaves from right under my home, then it goes over the bridge, through N. Świat, and Krakowskie to the University /then on to Królewska, through Teatralny and Dzierżyńskiego Squares/. Myzia also has a direct bus to school /line 317 – through Union Sq. to Rakowiecka/. The ride to the University takes 15 minutes, so not too long. Of course, you have to wait for the bus for a little while, but not for too long.
  c     I do not have a telephone at the moment, but I hope that I will get it in the fall, because the cable is already there. Of course, the lack of a telephone can be troublesome, but it also has its merits.
  c     Kant’s anthology has already been published, I am not sending it, because Professor got it from the publishing house for sure. Even if you are angry with the idea of a selection, please have a look at my translations of two major dissertations /in their entirety/ – on theodicy and on the idea of history in weltburgerlicher Absicht. I was struggling with it a year ago, during my stay in Ustroń /Universal Knowledge puts things out quickly – it seems they have a lot of printing errors, but the pace is good, I have never had one like it at the LCP/.
  c     Under whom will Husserl’s letters with Professor’s commentary come out? [?] Because I am sure for Experience, work, value it will be Niemeyer.

With wishes for your full recovery, I send
my deepest respect and most sincere

I Kronska