Letter from Irena Krońska written in 11.02.1955

Warsaw, 2/11/1955

Dear and Honorable Professor,

I am only writing back today, because I have so many outstanding matters and classes that I can hardly manage (I cannot really, in fact) – and on top of it Myzia is still not completely cured.

 v      The Committee meeting will take place – as I have already written – on Saturday, May 19. But maybe you would be willing to come to the 18th (Friday) to discuss a number of minor issues related to Critique. We are to release the text to production in the second decade of the month, i.e. on the 19th at the latest. After rewriting it was read by Dańcewicz and one of our proofreaders (XXX). During this reading (which is now finished) a certain amount of doubts (minor stylistic ones, omission of a word here and there, or references to a footnote that does not exist) emerged. All the aforementioned doubts are reported to me – unfortunately – at a lighting pace and we resolve those that can be resolved right away. All minor changes that are introduced as a result are marked by p. XXX on Professor’s original manuscript. Now, the objective would be to resolve the remaining doubts and accept some changes still in the typescript, before we receive the galley proofs. If Professor could come on the 18th and devote all Friday to discussing these, it would be great.

 v      And another matter. We are currently required to attach illustrative material when submitting the typescript. That would mean choosing a portrait of Kant (probably from among those that Iza sent us once for the “Groundwork”) and the title XXX of the first issue of A and B. Could you give the latter to XXX in Krakow (if available?) – we would of course cover the bill for taking the photographs.

 v      I think that I will already give Professor the materials from the Committee meetings (for Kant) here in Warsaw, and after discussing these translation doubts, we will send both copies of Critique borrowed from Professor back by railway mail.

As I will see you soon,
I shall finish for now.

Cordial regards

I Kronska