Letter from Irena Krońska written in 15.10.1965

       v      EDITORIAL COMMITTEE                                     v         v        Warsaw, 10/15/1965
OF THE LIBRARY OF CLASSICS OF PHILOSOPHY       v         v               Miodowa St. 10
   v         v          at the
   v National Scientific Publishers PWN

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Biskupia St. 14


Dear and Honorable Professor,

   v      thank you for your letter from 10/6. I did not answer right away because I wanted to find out more about the entire matter of Czech korunas. Mr. Gebethner is abroad, so he is not the one dealing with the matter personally. Yesterday I was told that things would probably be taken care of positively (but I cannot vouch for it).
   v      Professor’s introduction to Ideas has been rewritten – I am still waiting for the small bibliographical supplement I requested in the previous letter. You will get a contract very soon.
   v      I am very much looking forward to the article on Husserl, because it means both Husserl and Professor. The volume can be relatively large, up to 15 pages. I hope that you already feel better and will be able to go to Prague. Please give my warm regards to Potočka and Zumra.

My deepest respect
and cordial greetings

I Kronska
Irena Krońska

P.S. Please find attached the prescribed preface – with a request for some supplementation on pages 7 and 11. My minor corrections only concern some formal matters – I added the original titles and some punctuation details – to make it easier to see, I attach Professor’s original manuscript – but with a request for return it with the fair copy.

Once again cordial greetings      IK