Letter from Irena Krońska written in 18.06.1962

v              National Scientific              v                                  v                           Warsaw, 6/18/1962
v                    Publishers
Editorial Office of Philosophical Publications
v        “Dictionary of Philosophers”                v                            v                    Dear Sir/Madam


v        In regard to your work on the entries for the “Dictionary of Philosophers”, I am writing to remind you of several formal elements applicable to all entries. These are as follows:
v        1) You shall provide first and last names in their original reading /possibly with variations, nicknames, and – if popularized – Latinized or Polish forms, e.g. Descartes – Kartezjusz, in brackets/.
v        2) You shall provide the most accurate details regarding birth and death possible /including day and month / date and place / possibly province, country/.
v        3) When listing the writings of a given philosopher, whether it be in the text of the entry or in the list of their works at the end, you shall provide the year and place of publication x /, and titles in both the original language and in Polish translation. When it comes to the selected literature of a given philosopher, you shall only provide the year of publication /unless the place is characteristic for some reason/.


v                            v                              v                         Editor of the Dictionary
v                            v                              v                                   I Krońska
LG          v                              v                            v                         / Irena Krońska/

x/ you must provide the year of publication of the first edition.