Letter from Irena Krońska written in 19.05.1954

Warsaw, May 19, 1954

Dear and Honorable Professor,

thank you for the next installment of Spinoza (galley proofs 221-250), which I am passing to Kołakowski. Unfortunately, the project is no longer on schedule at this point and we have not yet received column corrections.
 c    I was in XXX for a week, and upon returning I read further correspondence regarding the typewriter paper. The situation in this regard is difficult at the moment – we also do not have much in stock at the editorial office, XXX is enough for the current needs. Maybe I can buy it though – it simply appears in stores from time to time. The cost of technical support will be covered, in accordance with the conversation in Warsaw – we will only ask for an invoice issued by this person confirmed by Professor (that the work was carried out according to Professor’s instructions)
 c    We wanted to organize a Committee meeting at the end of this month, but this date was not convenient for prof. Tatarkiewicz – therefore we are moving it to June 16 (this would make it the last meeting before the holidays). I kindly ask you to let me know if this date is acceptable for you, Professor.

My deepest respect
and cordial greetings I Kronska

 c    I forgot to mention one more thing. A project to publish a collective volume on translation issues has emerged in one of the PWN editorial offices. Would you be willing to send me the paper on translation that was once delivered at our meeting? Resp. a paper on a similar or the same topic you presented in Krakow? I would pass it on to the head of the editorial office which is interested in obtaining material on the subject of XXX translations (the existing materials have, as far as I know, a literary character)

Best regards