Letter from Irena Krońska written in 29.10.1965

 b               EDITORIAL COMMITTEE       b   b   b   b   b   b   b    b    Warsaw, 29/10/1965
OF THE LIBRARY OF CLASSICS OF PHILOSOPHY   b   b   b   b   b    Miodowa St. 10
 b   b                      at the
 b       National Scientific Publishers PWN

Prof. Roman Ingarden
K r a k o w
Biskupia St. 14


Dear and Honorable Professor!

   c       thank you very much for the letter and proofreading of the preface to Ideas. We will try to submit the book for typesetting this December or in January of the next year. Of course, the index can be sent in much later – normally we submit it together with the column corrections.
   c       I am worried that Professor’s health is not good and that it is interfering with the implementation of your plans. However, I strongly believe in Professor’s vitality, which always overcomes momentary indispositions.
   c       How is Ms. Gierulanka’s health? Please convey my cordial regards to her.
   c       I would be very, very grateful for the paper on Husserl and I trust that I will get it in November.

           c                            My deepest respect
   c                               and cordial greetings

                       c          c          c          c                 I Krońska
   c          c          c          c          c                         Irena Krońska