Letter from Irena Sławińska 4/7/1950

Date of creation 7.04.1950
Related places Toruń
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            Most Honourable Professor,

                       I hope you have received the book by Wellek and Warren, sent from Toruń – as I was leaving, I asked for it to be sent.

                       As to the your completely valid comments about my review – there is nothing I can say to justify myself. I have known both of your books for a long time[O1] , I’ve made extensive use of them, I’m familiar with their character, and therefore I have no idea how to explain my unfortunate errors. I would like very much to correct them and I’m going to ask Prof. Czeżowski in what form it might be possible to do that.

                       Meanwhile I apologise most emphatically and send expressions of highest respect

                                                                                                    Irena Sławińska


Warsaw, 7/4/50



[O1]Oryginalna wersja: oddawana, przypuszczalnie od dawna