Letter from Irena Sławińska written 17.11.1968

Nov. 17, 68


Dear Most Honourable Professor,


            again I’m writing from the US and in a similar situation as 10 years ago with Yale Univ.

            I was invited here as a visiting professor at Brown Univ. in Providence. Since September I have been lecturing on nineteenth-century drama and theatre as well as conducting a theatre seminar. However, I was asked to conduct a methodological seminar in the second semester – and, as a matter of fact, in the field of the methodology of lit. research in Poland.

            You’ve certainly guessed what I’m now about to ask: I have bibliographies of your writings here, but updated only to 1958. I would like to ask you for a continuation: a list of the most important works (in foreign lang.) since 1958. I know that Studies was supposed to come out with Niemeyer. Did it? We’ll try to bring it in quickly. Here, there is only Das lit. Kunstwerk (and Tymieniecka’s work) – but fortunately Weintraub has Studies and On Literary Works, so he will lend them if it’s not possible to bring them in.

            I’d be extremely grateful, however, for any offprints, which I promise to send back immediately (I’ll make xerox copies [O1] right away; I hope that you’ll permit that).

            I’ll also try to make sure that the paper, edited by one of the doctoral students, reaches you in advance. As I did previously – in order to avoid inaccuracies in referring to your concepts. I would also be grateful for any suggestions concerning the methodological issues of XXX etc. – maybe one of your students will help you out with all these problems and won’t mind writing to me (Mr Półtawski?). I would also like to say something about your students and disciples. Might I mention here Mr Półt., Stępnia, Ms Gołaszewska?

            I apologise for these troublesome requests and thank you very cordially in advance, attaching greetings to both of you

Irena Sławińska

[O1]w j. angielskim w oryginalnym