Letter from Jan Legowicz written 22.03.1955



Honorable Professor,

The Library of the Classics of Philosophy commissioned me to edit Descartes’ conversations with Burman, translated into Polish by prof. Dąmbska. While editing, I introduced a number of stylistic changes, which I tried to do very responsibly, but which may disturb Mrs. Dąmbska and may even cause too strong a reaction. I would like to remain honest and on good terms with myself and others, which is why I dare to ask you, Professor, to kindly review the introduced changes and express your opinion on this matter. On this occasion, I would like to mention that I have not yet introduced the terms agreed on at one of the Committee meetings, which I will only do after receiving such a reply from you.
Thank you in advance for your kind response to my request, sincerely

Jan Legowicz

Warsaw, March 22, 1955