Letter from Józef Tischner written 16.06.1969

Vienna, 16/6/1969


Honoured Professor!

    n          So I’ve continued to stay in Vienna, where I’m practising German intensively and visiting the library of the Institute of Philosophy. In the library, I’m looking at what’s being written in Germany about the theory of cognition and transcendental philosophy. I’ve found some truly interesting studies that concern me directly, the work of (probably) young authors: Michael Landmann, Manfred Brelage, University Professor Kruse, and others.
    n          I’m currently thinking about possibly participating in the 4th phenomenological Colloquium in Lindenthal. As we know, the matter has many aspects and, well, first of all, the site isn’t the most fortuitous. I’m curious, above all, as to whether you’re going or not (that is, whether you intend to go). I think Pater van Breda would be glad to see you there for reasons that have probably intensified lately. Is anyone from Poland going, perhaps?
    n          I’m announcing my participation, but before the final decision, I’d like to hear your opinion. Are there any new obstacles I don’t know about? Of course, please suggest your conclusions, without any need for supporting argumentation.
    n          Personally, I’d greatly fancy this. They should’ve done it in Austria. It would’ve been easier and closer for me!
    n          I’ve also received an extension of my passport, to 15/11. However, I intend to return for the beginning of the school year, so as to be in time for lectures.
    n          In Vienna, hot weather; from time to time, storms. This isn’t conducive to attention, but fortunately the Institute is pleasantly cool. The library’s small, with lots of gaps, but again, there are things I didn’t find in Louvain.
    n          How’s your health? Are you in Rabka now? My parents are retiring this year and leaving Łopuszna. If you pass that way, please drop in. Apparently the honey is very good!
    n          I enclose cordial greetings for your wife and all your close acquaintances.

Fr Józef Tischner


My address:
1020 Wien
Ausstellungstrasse 47/18