Letter from Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz written 5/5/1949

Poznań 5/5/49.

Dear Roman!

                I’m very sorry that that I’m writing only today to tell you how deeply touched I was by news of the tragedy that has befallen you. It occurred almost simultaneously with the great joy of my meeting with my … I deeply and very sincerely sympathise with you and your wife. ‒ My style of life is frenetic, leaving me practically no time to deal with my private correspondence, which was never my strong suit to begin with. I beg you earnestly to forgive me for not writing to you until today.

                The preparation status of Volume IV of Studies is as follows:

I have all the promised papers except one from Masłowski, who’s returning from America around 20 May, and my own, which was written last year and can’t wait for a revision at present. Apart from that, a translation of Mahlberg’s paper (the same one that was in Quarterly) is still in the works. As soon as I have Mahlberg’s translation and my paper, which will be before the end of May, I’ll hand the material over to the censors.
I think, however, that even afterwards it may still be possible to take an article sent later and submit it as an addendum to the censors. I think, therefore, if you submit your article in the first few days of June, there will still be room for it in Volume IV. I’ve had no news yet from Pol. Phil. Soc. as to how much was allocated for the subscription to Studia. Until I get this information, I don’t dare start printing.

                I’m awaiting a message from you as to whether you consent to the printing of Hostelet’s paper in Studies. All of the other members of the editorial board have expressed … consent to print the work of a foreigner; only Tatarkiewicz was not very delighted by this particular paper.

                There’s been a threat to completely abolish the propagation of Philosophy in secondary schools. I’ve initiated, by way of Schoff and Barbag, a campaign to save logic at least. According to information received from Sch. this will probably succeed.

                I attach cordial greetings and kiss your wife’s hand,