Letter from Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz written 07.08.1948

Zakopane 7/8/48

My Dear Friend!

In response to your letter of 2/8, I report the following:

1* I removed no names from the list of individuals to whom you wished to send copies of Studies, with the exception of those listed twice. If someone’s name was overlooked, it must have happened accidentally. Following my return to Poznań, I’ll check whether, indeed, anybody’s copy was left unsent, and repair any possible omissions. I can’t say whether Fr Bocheński was also overlooked, but I rather think that he received his copy, because he received Studia in the form of an exchangeable copy of the Freiburg Bulletin. And I’ll investigate this upon my return.

2* I considered whether to send some copies of Studies to the congress, but came to the conclusion that it would burden the Secretariat of the Congress with work which we have no right to demand of him, and that we still had no guarantee that the copies would reach the right hands, given that we don’t know whether or not those individuals who have announced their participation will attend the congress. If we didn’t leave the Secretariat with freedom as to whom to give copies, anyone could get them, whereas if we made it clear they were intended for somebody, and that person didn’t attend, we’d cause problems for the Secretariat. I think it would be better to send the copies that were supposed to be sent to the Congress to the homes of the individuals we select, to addresses which are either known to us or will be included in the list of members of the Congress.

3* I believe that monitoring of my administrative activities in the publication of ‘Studies’ through going behind my back to the Bookstore is not a proceeding which your status as editor of Volume III of Studies authorises you to undertake.

If you are of a different opinion in this matter, and if you are right about it, that would, for me, constitute sufficient reason to give up further collaboration on this segment. What I’m doing in the administration of Studies, as well as the tempo at which I’m taking care of matters connected with Studies, constitutes the maximum I can afford in conjunction with my classes, which, to say the least, are anything but small. If I’m doing this badly or too slowly, it would be better to let someone else do it, someone who’ll do a better job.

I attach cordial greetings

Your Kazimierz