Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 05.01.1934

Date of creation 5.01.1934
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In Lviv, 5 January, 1934.



Honoured Colleague!

            I’m sending the text of the memorial I’ve reviewed with a request for a clean transcription. I hope you’ll figure out the manuscript. It’s necessary to separate the individual parts with dashes or three asterisks – in the places I marked with red dashes, of which the first isn’t until page 6b, under the paragraph marked III. ‒

            Prof. Ajdukiewicz [O1] told me that you’ve undertaken to transcribe the memorial today, so that it can be sent tomorrow. Well, I don’t think anything bad will happen if we don’t send the piece to the Ministry until Monday. This way you’ll be able to easily transcribe the thing and I’ll still be able to look over both the memorial and the programme without haste, and then send it along with the Society’s letter (the content of which will be in accordance with the first paragraph which was originally placed in the memorial, but which I deleted).

            Accordingly, please send me the clean copy of the memorial and programme either tomorrow (Sunday) evening or Monday morning.

            Of course, I’m always prepared to provide any clarification or information concerning the attached manuscript.

            I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and cordial greetings

                                                                                                               K. Twardowski



[O1]Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz (1890‒1963)