Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 13.06.1924

Date of creation 13.06.1924
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In Lviv, 13 June 1924.

                       Honoured Doctor!

At the meeting of the faculty Council held the day before yesterday, I read my verdict concerning your academic qualifications and your habilitation dissertation, concluding with the motion that you should be permitted to continue to the next stage of habilitation, i.e. to the habilitation discussion. This motion, in which Prof. Wartenberg joined, was passed unanimously by the faculty Council. ‒ Regarding the date of the habilitation discussion, it will take place in all likelihood on 25 June 1924, on Wednesday afternoon, two weeks from the day before yesterday. The habilitation lecture will take place one or two days later. Please, then, be prepared to arrive in Lviv on the morning of the 25th of this month. It may be that this date will be shifted by a few days ‒ forward or backward ‒ but it’s unlikely. And if you don’t receive any further news from me, please show up at my office on the 25th of this month, either before or at midday. Anyway, you’ll probably go to see Kazik [Ajdukiewicz]. ‒ Before that, though, i.e. as soon as possible, please return the enclosed rough proof of the summary of your dissertation. Please don’t make any corrections on it, either typographical or otherwise. Please note for me only whether it contains anything inconsistent with the content of your paper. Despite all my diligence and attention, I may have reported this or that unfaithfully. Therefore, if such factual errors are found in the summary, please note them for me separately, specifically in the formulation in which they should be rectified. I’ll take care of the corrections here myself.

I enclose cordial greetings.

                                                                                                    K. Twardowski