Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 18.03.1925

In Lviv, 18 March, 1925.


            Honoured Colleague!

            I’ve been so busy recently that ‒ before I could tell you that your habilitation act went to the Ministry ‒ the approval of your habilitation arrived – just today. Therefore, I’m sending cordial congratulations on this and your formal admission to the faculty of our University, and please believe me: I’m sincerely happy about this. I only wish that this ‘admission’, in the practical and not merely in the legal sense, might be accomplished as soon as possible.

            I didn’t keep a copy of the lecture programme submitted to the Ministry ‒ since the Ministry did not return it to us – and today I forgot to check on that – please send a copy, so that in due time I can submit your lectures and classes for the printed lecture programme for the year 1925/6.

            I’ve received your letters of 22 February and 1 March. I cordially thank you for remembering my name day and for the wishes you sent me on that occasion. Likewise, I cordially thank you for the review of Mysłakowski’s dissertation. Although it is a bit too long compared to the reviews that [Philosophical] Movement usually carries, I’ll gladly find a place for it, as it’s very instructive. And, on the subject of reviews, I’d like to ask you whether you’d be willing to write a review for Philosophical Movement of W. Ehrlich’s book Kant und Husserl. Kritik der transscendentalen [sic – transzendentalen[O1] ] und phänomenologischen Methode [Kant and Husserl: criticism of the transcendental and phenomenological method], Niemeyer, 1923, pp. IX and 165[O2] . This wouldn’t be an urgent matter – the review would be needed at some point during the summer; if you’d like to undertake it, I’d supply a review copy of the book.

            As for the relevant issues of Philosophical Movement, they weren’t sent to you because the Polish Psychological Society, through which you subscribe to the journal, haven’t yet sent the appropriate portion of dues for you for the second half of 1924. Thus the Administration of the journal held up its delivery. I’ve instructed the Administration to send you the issues for the second half of the year, without waiting for this portion of the dues.

            I’ve received the sum of four zlotys. Since, however, I paid the printing house only 3 zlotys and 40 grosze for the overprints, I’m returning 60 grosze in postage stamps. The bill for printing the summary itself, i.e. for printing a single signature[O3]  instead of just half of a signature, amounts to 132 (one hundred thirty-two) zlotys. I’m enclosing the relevant letter from an official of the scientific Society.

            With expressions of true esteem and cordial greetings

                                                                                                               K. Twardowski



[O1]Walter Ehrlich (1896‒1968)
[O2]w oryginalnej wersji, ale chyba nie ma sensu – recenzja obejmowałaby calą książkę, prawda?
[O3]Oryg: w rozmiarze jedno- zamiast tylko półarkuszowym, nie ma odpowiednika w j. angielsku.  Myślę, że znaczenie będzie jasne.