Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 26.04.1937

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Lviv, 26 April 1937.


                       Honoured Colleague!

            I’m returning pages 19‒32 of Łempicki[O1] ’s dissertation with the following remarks:

1) page 20, 10th line from the bottom: I changed den [German: the] to seinen [his, one’s, etc.], as had already been discussed.

2) page 21, 12th line from the bottom: I changed Philosophieren [philosophise] to Philosophie [philosophy].

3) page 21, 9th line from the bottom: I consider it necessary before the word ihres [her, their] to repeat the word wegen [because, due to]

4) page 21, 17th line from the bottom: I have serious doubts as to whether the word fasst [taken, grasped, etc.] is stylistically correct and comprehensible; if you agree, I suggest using erfasst [registered, comprehended], betrachtet [considered, regarded], or untersucht [examined, studied] instead of this word.

5) page 23, 6th line from the bottom: I think that before Unmittelbarkeit [immediacy] it’s necessary to repeat gegenüber der [opposite the, against the].

6) page 29, 16th line from the bottom: is herrschende [ruling, dominating] really written today with two ‘r’s? In my school days, it was written with one.

7) As for the spacing of surnames introduced in the typesetting process, it seems to me the rule is that surnames are spaced when they appear for the first time. Although this rule has not been observed consistently (compare page 19, 13th line from the bottom) and although it deviates from the rule governing spacing in the first volume of Studies [Studia Philosophica], I left this as is, since, if I wished to make some changes, I’d first of all have to talk to you about the rules. In addition, this would result in a huge number of corrections.

8) I tried to bring the punctuation into line with that of Volume I.

            Please ask the printer for another set of proofs and send it to me along with the proofs enclosed here.

            I’m enclosing a receipt for 60 zlotys and examples of punctuation from Volume I.

            I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and cordial greetings.

                                                                                                               K. Twardowski



[O1]Zygmunt Łempicki (1886‒1943)