Letter from Kazimierz Wyka written 04.11.1965

Date of creation 4.11.1965
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Cracow, 4/11/1965.

 n             Most Honoured Professor!
 n             Thank you for the letter graciously sent to me by Prof. Czyżewski from Heidelberg, although, to tell the truth, based on the content of this letter I can’t figure out what it actually concerns. If it’s a question of my ‘performance’ at the Aesthetic Section of the PFF, it’ll have to be postponed until some point in January, since in mid-November I’m leaving for about a month in Paris; right after that is Christmas, and then we’re already in 1966. Nor am I able to submit a possible topic at this moment.

 n             Please accept expressions of profound esteem

 n                  n                  n                  n             Kazimierz Wyka