Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 07.04.1939

Krakow, 4/7/1939.

     Dear Sir,

Just now when I returned home I was intending to sit down to write my letters, but there were already letters waiting for me, calling to be answered, since they had not been informed in advance.
   I shall start with that which is supposedly an affront. Why would I ever hold against you that you were troubled by a review of a poor translation? Of course, Polish Academy of Learning cannot publish a translation like that XXX was allowed to publish in Warsaw in the past. I have also discussed this matter in secret with prof. Lukasiewicz. And he completely agrees with us. It can’t be helped: one would like to have a translation but not one like this.
   It seems to me that a long dispute is about to arise in the Department.
   I am certain your work on Husserl has given you great satisfaction. I was quite sick from a food poisoning at that time and have failed to keep my promises because of that.
   Of course, we go to bed in strange moods, because men have become wolves and like wolves they are attacking one another. Again, one would have to really become a wolf not to feel all this and to be able to drown one’s bitterness in a bowl of lentils or meat.
   I wish you, my dear friends, that you at least be able to forget your soul’s worries during the holiday season to experience in the Family what no professional group can give today. There is no other way than to keep on building

Best regards