Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 18.06.1939


   n        Dear Sir,
it’s 12:15 o’clock, I’m having dinner at Kostanecki’s at 1, and yet I want to write this letter, because since morning I did not have a single moment to do it, and if I don’t d it now it would probably get pushed way back again.
   n     Do not let the rumor get to you too much. First it is always, I’ll report it, I’ll report it, and then they do not report at all. I learned about this from prof. Szuman who expressed himself bitterly about it and actually passed a different version of it on to me – a gentler one. Naturally, all of this is wicked. I do not know who participated in it and cannot really ask around about it, as I would not want to feed the rumors or insults, but I will track it in a different way.
   n     The opinion which prevailed at the Faculty of Philology was that of people who work with the old purely XXX and genetic methods, without being familiar with or capable of learning new philosophy or new psychology. Can’t be helped, these people will leave, and young people will come in their stead. As far as I know, the proposition was signed by prof. Witkowski, Kleiner, Bruchnalski, that is those who personally looked at the your work in Lviv and those who decided the vote were the ignorant ones. I know that you conquered prof. XXX with your book. I will write or talk about this more on another occasion.
   n     For now, I would only like to mention that I will be going to Sucha for 5 days at the beginning of July in order to avoid the chaos here that is sure to ensue due to the provincial congress of the Order. Then I have to leave for Podlasie. If there is no conflict in in August, I will be travelling through Lviv to Bilcz in Podole. We will be looking and I am sure we will find each other – I will write again!
   n     For now, do not worry about human ignorance and thoughtlessness: no one can take away from who you are.
   n     Warm regards for Madam a handshake for you