Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 20.02.1939

Krakow, 2/20/1939

      Dear Sir,
no, please do not come, because there can no longer be any doubts with regards to the print of Lisiecki’s translation. It is a pity, however, that everything becomes uncertain again and you lost so much time for it to just end in a negative result. If I wanted to convene the Committee, it was only so I could force Lisiecki to thoroughly modify it, but already before receiving your letter, I was only going to ask you to join the meeting and let you speak as a member, and then for Lisiecki to received an answer from the Committee one way or the other so that he has no complaints against any particular person. Now it has to be conducted this way anyway.
   I believe that you should not waste your time for nothing, especially since Krakow has been drowned in snowmelt since yesterday in. If you would like to come visit anyway for other reasons, I will be happy to see you.
   I am sending you a non-philosophical item, you may like it or dislike it for other reasons.
   Polite bows for Madam and a heartfelt handshake for you