Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 21.07.1938

Date of creation 21.07.1938
Related places Cracow, Zakopane
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Field theology

Kraków, 7/21/1938

     nDear Sir,
Thank you very much for the card and the news about you.
nI had to leave for Krakow almost right away after the lecture, because I am filling in for the Rector until the end of the month and simultaneously preparing the inaugural lecture for the Congress of Polish Theologians in Krakow. Still, I hope that I will be able to go to Zakopane for the month of August. Anyway, we will surely meet either in Zakopane or – hopefully – in Krakow.
nI wish you many wonderful experiences above your head and in your soul. Both to you and Madam and both dear sons, who probably do not come down from the mountains.

Best regards
n     nFr. KMichalski