Letter from Malvine Husserl written 9.01.1929

Freiburg i. Br., 9 Jan. 29

Dear Mr. Ingarden,

I have been instructed to give you the requested information regarding my husband’s lectures abroad, what I am hereby gladly doing:

Amsterdam: Title: Phenomenon[enology] and Psychology. Transcend[ental] Phenom[enology]. When: The week of April 22-29, 1928, organizer: Philos. Society.

Groningen: On April 30, one lecture on phen[omenology] and psychol[ogy] at Psychol[ogischer] Verein (Heymans).

Paris: The week of February 18-24, 1929 on Phenom[enology] and Critique of Reason. Invited by the Institut Germanique at Sorbonne. In addition, one lecture at Société Philosophique.

We will be departing from here on February 15 and will stay in Paris for about two weeks. Next, we will be staying in Strasbourg for about a week, where my husband declined to give official lectures, but instead he will speak in front of a small circle of interested people who will be invited by J. Hering. But please do not report this event to the Polish newspaper.

My husband has been working frantically to complete the logical essay, which will comprise about 10 pages. I believe that without the pressure created by the present situation, this would once again not happen.
You did not write about your wife’s health. I hope she and your children are doing well.
Best regards from our house to your house,

Cordially yours,
M[alvine] Husserl