Letter from Maria Gołaszewska written 13.05.1968

Date of creation 13.05.1968
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Cracow, 13 May 1968


         n         Most Honourable Professor,


 n        I cordially thank you for your letter, which I received yesterday. Today I also received a notice from the Secretariat of the Congress, informing me of the acceptance of my statement.
 n        Truly, I’m greatly moved by such a kindly attitude on your part to my work, and I won’t even try to express the deep gratitude, cordial feelings, and true respect that your attitude towards your students awakens in me, because, in truth, it’s not possible to express them in words. This makes me even sorrier that I made such clumsy use of Hartmann ‒ a misunderstanding resulting from the alphabetical ordering of names, which, in this case, was rather thoughtlessly applied. In any case, I’m writing to the Congress Secretariat with a clarification. I hope you’ll forgive me. I probably needn’t add here how glad I am that my statement will be printed, but, speaking honestly, I’m even more glad that you view it positively.
 n        In connection with hopes for the trip, I am energetically working on improving my French, and I’m also resuming English lessons. I’m going to try to get permission for the trip in accordance with what you wrote to me. At the moment I’m occupied with ‒ along with other matters ‒ writing the book I spoke to you about (entitled The Awareness of Beauty + a subtitle; + I have my doubts whether this title makes a favourable impression, it may be necessary to modify it). I have no reason now to go to Warsaw.

 n        I am very glad that I will be able to see you, this time in Vienna. If the trip really does come off, perhaps you need me to bring or arrange something ‒ I’ll gladly do it.

 n         n         n        I attach expressions of respect and cordial greetings

 n         n         n         n         n         n         n         n         n         n         n        MGołaszewska