Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 01.12.1935

1.XII 1935
Honoured and Dear Professor:
I am in a state of terrible irritation with everyone: logisticians, physicists, behaviourists and also phenomenologists (but the least – though also quite). Our meeting in W[arsaw] was not satisfectory [sic]. I have a kind of hangover (that is “the morning after curse” ) I was too upset and shouting, and there was little “serious talk” on my part. The last conversation about social issues (the 1st in life between us) did not yield satisfactory results. I would like to kindly inform you that yesterday I finished the first draft of my first work on Wh[itehead]. These are terrible things. I would like you to read this. I am curious about your opinion. I have not begun on your books yet. I want to write something about the Viennese and I am reading Wittgenstein and Carnap for the second time, this unfortunate Syntax – there no definition of implication in it yet. They themselves feel that this negation and sum is rubbish and nonsense!! These days I am going to start on your texts (the question of the act and subject of the theory of cognition and realism), and besides, I think slightly “to push on with” (treiben) t[he] r[est] of Wh [itehead]. Cornelius writes to me (!!) that he received a “reizendes Brief” from you.
I enclose the words of respect, affection and gratitude for you and your wife.
FG = family greetings.