Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 05.06.1939

5.VI 1939

Honoured and Dear Professor:
I haven’t written for a long while, because due to my typist’s disorderliness I couldn’t forward you the typescript (it was being postponed from one week to another), and I really wished to send it. I’m [v]ery curious what you say about it. I’ve completely rewritten and reformulated the thing, using pieces of the previous one. It seems to me my last effort, and if now you would like me to shorten it by 1/5th and reformulate de fond en comble [Fr. from top to bottom; completely], I would just lie down in the ditch and start crying like a baby. I’ve written some sp.[ort] polit.[itica]–econom.[ical]  lucubration and a 3-act play, [v]ery bizarre ent.[itled] “Miasmat”. Now I have returned to philosophy – I am writing about Carnap and I am preparing to work on Woodger (this biologist) and on W. Carr – the English monadist. What’s up? What are the plans? Is Zakopane included […]
I enclose words of respect, affection, and gratitude. FG [family greetings]