Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 31.03.1939

31.III 1939

Honoured and Dear Professor:

I have long wanted to write to thank you for the card signed by you both. I am still in Z[akopane] and your letter has been sent to me here. As I think about you, I am always sorry that you have to use so much energy for teaching and various additional jobs. I am still waiting for the ontology. I have ceased to deal with politics, i.e. “actively”. I.e. I do not prophesy, but I am listening, because currently the situation is too complex. Which trend will win? I have delayed writing the letter because I wanted to tell you something about this work, which I have to present to you. I’ve just finished correcting the manuscript today. I’ve expanded it and constructed it differently, according to a certain plan, including some pieces of the previous one. This is 44 pp [pages] of my writing in a smaller format (2 x this letter), and the letters like that [handwritten letters of this size]. About 15 pp [pages] of the previous manuscript will be added to this. I’m going to W[arsaw] in the middle of the week. There I will give it to a typist, I will correct the typescript and then send it to you. I haven’t smoked for more than a month, which I wish you could do too. A terrible thing. When the war comes, we will begin again, because then it’s going to be all the same. I am generally tired, like never before. I do not know if it’s life that has tired me or if there’s something wrong with me. I spent a week in Silesia, aber mit den Ślonsacken kann man nicht sich zu-recht-finden oder so etwos [ Ger. one cannot come to terms with the Silesians or something]. Woodger’s book = Biological Principles is great. I’ve finished the criticism of the first part of Carnap Scheinproblemen (153 pp [pages]). Now I’m writing some addition to monadism (on dynamism).

ERFB FG 3W (Do you recognize the acronym?)

The song “Knowest you the acronym”[1] Thank you for everything you have done for me. The acronym does not contain this.



[1] “Knowest you the land” – an old Polish patriotic song