Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 31.10.1936

31.X 1936
Honoured and Dear Professor:
You have inspired me so much, that I have whipped up a small letter. Please forgive my “Frechheit” [impudence], but in polemics my tender speech adopts a ruthless tone. If you have not read Mr. Łubnicki’s report from convention in Lodz in “Morning Voice” from October 2 and 4, you do not know about my costume, which I used to lure the biggest moguls to my lecture. In addition to the critique of Carnap, I began to write a dissertation with the title “About being in itself and for itself” and this is the piece that I would like to dedicate to you. I came back here to take advantage of the autumn, and since my arrival winter continues without a break, the last snowfall was 70 cm. Your letter (like everything related to philosophy in my life: people and books) has just arrived encouraging me to add things to the essay previously started “about being in and for itself”. I am enclosing a letter from Stępniewski, who asks for an intermediary in obtaining Husserl’s Cart[esian]. Med[itations] from you I would like to read it myself, but after I rest from logic[al investigations] – it’s a drag. In addition, I am reading W. Stern the monadist and An[alysis] of Matter by Russell.
I enclose words of deep respect and affection for you all, F.G. [family greetings]