Letter from Stefan Świeżawski written 03.08.1965

Date of creation 3.08.1965
Related places Paris, Rome
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Field philosophy

Paris, 3/8/65.

     c                 Beloved Professor,

Thank you very much for your letter from Rabka, and I’m glad that you’re starting to take all of these tedious and even unpleasant steps connected with your Parisian stay; may all of it succeed and work out in accordance with your plans and desires! To answer the question about our plans: we’re leaving here after 20/8, first for a short rest and then to Rome (via Pietra Cossa 12/2); in autumn between Rome and Paris (but a different address: 8 rue de Rouvray de Neuilly s. Seine); and we’re coming back to Poland around Christmas.
Both of us send both of you our best cordial regards. I kiss your wife’s hand

Stefan Świeżawski

Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14
Pologne [French: Poland]