Letter from Stefan Świeżawski written 10.07.1965

Stefan Świeżawski                                    c                                       c                10 July 65.
41 Bd Victor, Paris 15e.


Beloved and Most Honoured Professor,

       I’ve received both of your letters, for which I thank you very much – and I had a thorough conversation with Gandillac; in this letter, I’ll convey the results of this conversation. It’s worth applying for a position in CNRS [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; National Centre for Scientific Research], but in order to have a chance at obtaining it, it’s unfortunately necessary to fulfil a number of conditions, which I’m conveying in accordance with Gandill[ac]’s instructions. It’s necessary, then, to:
 1. Fill in precisely and list, as well as obtain, the papers included in ‘Nomenclature’, enclosed in this letter. I’m sending two copies of the form, because one may become spoiled.
 In ‘Demande personnelle’ [French: personal request] it is necessary simply to ask to be appointed to a ‘poste de chercheur’ [position of researcher].
 In ‘Notice individuelle’ [individual notice] it is necessary to specify the topic of the research that you want to carry out in Paris and define it in such a way that this topic would justify your presence in France in particular. This can’t be simply writing a book, but rather such preparatory or supplementary work which should be done here in particular; the accent is placed on recherche [research].
 Apart from sending Spór [Controversy over the Existence of the World, by Ingarden] in German to de Gandillac (Maurice de Gandillac, 3 rue Rigaud, Neuilly s. Seine), it’s not necessary to send offprints (3: Tirages à part [offprints]; however, the fullest possible bibliography of your papers is required. In ‘Demande personnelle’ you can write that you’ve sent Spór to Professor de Gandillac and possibly attach a few more offprints to the application; the rest are only mentioned in the Bibliography.
 There’s no need to concern yourself with point (6); however, it’s necessary to attach a birth certificate (excerpt from the public register) and medical certificate as in point (9).
 De Gandillac will be in Poland for a few days, having been officially invited by PAN [Polish Academy of Sciences] (15 to 21 November; 19th in Cracow), but he’s asked you to send your complete ‘dossier’ directly to CNSR as soon as possible.
 2. De Gandillac thinks it is very important for you to attach a certificate from PAN, supporting your assumption of the position in CNRS, to your application.
 3. The references for your application to the Commission as a philosopher will be de Gandillac and Ricoeur; de Gandillac is of the opinion that it would be very good if you were to write to Ricoeur (Paul Ricoeur, „Le Mur Blanc”, 19 rue d’Antony Châtenay-Malabry (Seine)), presenting him with your intentions and asking him to see to this matter along with de Gandillac at CNRS.
 I’m afraid that all of these bureaucratic aspects will discourage you; unfortunately, they’re indispensable, and I personally advise you to undertake this effort, if this trip truly constitutes part of your plans and intentions. De Gandill[ac] is extremely friendly and wants very much to help. I’m giving you our Warsaw address, as you ask me to do in your letter: Wiślana 2.

We both warmly congratulate you on your lovely wedding anniversary and send both of you our best wishes and greetings; I kiss your wife’s hand; and wish with all my heart for your Paris plans to come to fruition. I enclose expressions of full respect

Stefan Świeżawski