Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 10.01.1964

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                             c                         c    Warsaw, 10 January 1964


Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden

Most Honourable Professor,

After assessing the situation, I see that I won’t be able to do much regarding the matters you raised in your letter of 29 December of last year.

I’ll begin with the fact that the year 1964 brought no improvement in the foreign exchange section of the Department; on the contrary, we received for our disposal for ’64 the total from ’63, cut by 30%. Thus, when working on the foreign trips plan for ’64, it was necessary to establish rigorous rules limiting delegations to international congresses to one person. In the case of the 5th Congress of Aesthetics, Prof. W. Tatarkiewicz was chosen as the delegate, all the more since he was supported by an additional argument, being a member of the Board of the International Association of Aesthetics.
 c      c   The above situation does not rule out the help of the 1st Department in organising your trip or the support of the Polish Academy of Sciences of private efforts concerning your son’s foreign passport.
 c      c   As for other people interested in the Aesthetics Congress, I’m not able to comment yet, as I’m not familiar with the plans of the Ministry of Higher Education, which should be arriving at the Department at any moment with the objective of co-ordinating delegations to the congresses of both institutions. Possibly the Ministry’s plan includes a trip for one of the individuals you mentioned in your letter.
 c      c   Unfortunately, neither can I commit myself to payment of the congress dues, as, lacking an application, we created no reserve for these purposes.
 c      c   I greatly regret that I can do so little for you, but the general situation nullifies all rights due to the lack of material resources for the implementation of the best-justified applications.

I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and respect
    c      c   c   S Żółkiewski
 c      c   (Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)