Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 27.03.1969

Prof. Dr STEFAN ŻÓŁKIEWSKI               c             c               c               Warsaw, 27/3/1969


     c   Most Honoured Professor!

Thank you for your moving letter and friendly wishes. I’m very grateful to you for the beautiful article and permission for its publication in Culture and Society. Unfortunately, my contact with this publication was broken off in November 1968. The new editor expressed, in a very decided (to put it mildly) manner, that he didn’t want me to participate, even on the most temporary basis, in the editorial work.
     c   But the technical team of the Editorial Office bears no responsibility here. You can arrange everything with Ms Pragłowska. The whole issue of correcting your article arose from a sub-editor’s error. The rest is just the bureaucratic consequences of the first mistake. However, I told Ms Pragłowska that 1) offprints should be sent. Delay is not the fault of the editorial board. 2) The editorial board will handle the matter in such a way that the deductions you mentioned don’t occur. I’ll press them so that offprints are produced by the printer and shipped as soon as possible. XXX Chałasiński, the new editor, bears no responsibility for all of this. He didn’t deal with no. 4. Due to changes in the editorial office, all of these matters were left in the hands of the printer and weren’t taken care of.
     c   Please forgive Culture and Society for all these annoyances. ‘Force majeure’ operated here. I had to leave the editorial office too soon, and my successor didn’t manage to take over all of the functions in time.

I enclose expressions of profound respect
     c        c   S Żółkiewski