Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 27.10.1966

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                c                    c                    c           Warsaw, 27/10/1966

L. dz.


Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
     c    Paris


      c  Most Honoured Professor!

      c  Of course, I have nothing against your going to Louvain to study Husserl’s manuscripts. On the contrary, as Secretary of the Department, I’m glad that such an outstanding expert on phenomenology as yourself will have the opportunity to study such a significant problem of the history of the latest philosophy as the development of Husserl’s work.
     c  I trust that Polish science and the Polish Academy of Sciences will benefit from your reporting of the results of your research in Poland.

Cordially wishing you improved health and relief from the pain in your leg – I remain, with profound respect

S Żółkiewski