Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 29.05.1967

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES        c             c          c           Warsaw, 29/5/1967
  c        c             c          c                          c             c          c     Palace of Culture and Science

L. dz.

Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden


Most Honoured Professor!

The committees of the Academy and the Ministry for scholarships in France operate in concert, but we can grant scholarships only to employees of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Ms Gołaszewska must, therefore, turn to the Ministerial Commission. I can try to support her application. Let her simply write me that she’s sent it, and I’ll turn to the Ministry with support.
Thank you for thinking of me and for the offprint. Indeed, I’ve tried to set realisation of the volume of theoretical and literary studies in foreign languages in motion. But it depends on the energy of the editor, who was appointed by IBL [Instytut Badań Literackich; Institute of Literary Research].

I enclose expressions of profound respect
and cordial greetings

S Żółkiewski