Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 06.07.1963

Toruń, 6 July 1963.

            Dear Roman!

            I cordially thank you for the beautiful book Inquiries into Contemporary Philosophy, which complements and completes the volumes published earlier; it’s necessary, and will certainly be read with urgency.

            Last week I spent a few days at my sister’s in Wrocław, where, on 29 June, returning from church, Zosia fell in the street after slipping on something, the unfortunate outcome being that she broke her hip. It’s already in a plaster cast and we’re hoping she comes out of this successfully, but she’ll still have to put up with lying in bed for a number of weeks, and the vacation in Zakopane, which she always enjoys, has been cancelled.

            My wife is finishing her pre-vacation preparations and next week we’ll probably go to Bukovina, where the Czernys are waiting for us. I’d also like to visit you in Rabka, maybe at the end of July when Dania will also be there.

Cordial regards from both of us

                                                           I kiss your wife’s hand