Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 06.11.1948

Toruń, 6/11/1948

                       Dear Roman!

            I cordially thank you for your letter of 20/10/1948 and for the three attached offprints.

            We all sympathise greatly with you and your middle son. In Wrocław I met your other son, who told me in detail about the illness. Let’s hope that the Cracow doctors can manage to control and heal it!

            My illness (ulcus duodeni [O1] cruens) has fortunately passed; I’ve been back in Toruń for a few days and am slowly getting into regular lessons. They’re ordering me, however, to continue to take care of myself and lead a quiet life. I’ll start lecturing in about a week, and meanwhile I’ve undertaken the preparation of the next issue of Philosophical Movement; my colleagues collected the material during my absence, and I’ve already received the money from the Polish Philosophical Society.

            All contributions and bits of news are important to me. In one of your letters from last year you promised to give Movement a review of E. Souriau’s book Modes d’existence. Can I hold you to that promise? I await the second volume of Controversy over the Existence of the World with interest. I’ll gladly co-operate with the Philosophical Commission of the Polish Academy of Learning, for now, though, only theoretically, as I doubt I’ll have an opportunity to get to Cracow in the near future.

                       Best regards and cordial greetings to you and yours,

                       I kiss your wife’s hand




[O1]W oryginalnej wersji duodemi (niepoprawna ortografia)