Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 09.03.1958

Toruń, 9 March 1958.


            Dear Roman!

            Two days ago I wrote to you, thanking you for the second volume of Studies in Aesthetics, and yesterday I got the first volume from Polish Scientific Publishers – thus I thank you for the whole beautiful set; although I have little contact with aesthetics, nevertheless in my free time I’m eager to read things unconnected with my professional interests. What’s going to be the next thing to go in this series?

            I’ve just read in the Bibliographic Guide that you people published the university pamphlet ‘Extracts from philosophical works’ in Cracow. If I might ask for a copy for myself, I’d like to have a look at it.

            I’ve begun to look through the typed manuscripts for the Tatarkiewicz Commemorative Book; I see that they’ll involve a lot of work, because they’re ‘unfinished’ ‒ the authors take very little care concerning the stylistic finish of what they write. I’m also afraid it’ll be necessary to correspond with some of them on substantive questions as well. For example, in the summary which went to Phil. Movement, Fr Popiel mentions a certain affinity of the philosophical thought of Tatark. with that of Brentano, but omits this in the article. He does not mention connections with Twardowski, to which Tatark. himself admits even though he is not considered a disciple of Tward. Shouldn’t this be sorted out somehow?

The meeting of the team of experts at the Ministry of Higher Education convened on 5 March to discuss matters related to philosophical studies was cancelled because the Minister had left town. I learned that on the 5th of this month Żółk. and Sch. left for Moscow for a week. For philosophical news, perhaps?

                                                           Cordial greetings to both of you,

                                                           Iza, and Dania




            PS. Did Polish Scientific Publishers move their offices? I see a new address: no longer Krakowskie Przedmieście but Miodowa 10?