Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 09.08.1967

Toruń, 9 August 1967.


            Dear Roman!

            Thank you very much for the photographs from Modlnica, which are nice souvenirs for me. My wife and I are looking forward to your arrival in Toruń at the end of August, and if there’s any difficulty getting a place at Synostwo’s[O1] , we cordially invite you to spend the night with us. We’re not leaving Toruń this summer, other than that at the end of July I spent a week at my family’s in Wrocław. Anyway, I’m not bored at home, working on official ‘opinions’ and ‘reviews’ (Fr Krąpiec, Lutmanowa, Kubiński, Kraszewski) – the new issue of Philosophical Movement also has to be prepared (issue XXV, 3-4 is fresh from the printer; we’ll send them out at the end of the month; the next issue’s already at the printer). I don’t know whether you’ve seen the new issue of the PAX Association monthly, Life and Thought, yet; there’s an extensive section dedicated to Tatarkiewicz. Apart from that, the peace and quiet of vacation.

                                                                     We send both of you best greetings

                                                                                                               Your Tad



[O1]Znaczenie niejasne – czy to nazwisko, czy nazwa jakiejś instytucji, np. związanej z kościelem?