Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 25.10.1947

Editorial Committee
Philosophical Movement
L.[O1] 45/47

Toruń, 25 October 1947


Most Honoured Professor!

           In the near future Philosophical Movement will be revived as a quarterly, edited by an Editorial Committee comprised of Dr Daniela Gromska (Cracow) and Dr Izydora Dambska[O2]  (Gdańsk), the editors of Philosophical Movement in 1939, along with Prof. Tadeusz Czeżowski (Toruń). The journal, which will maintain its previous layout, aims to provide accurate and (to the extent possible) comprehensive information about the development of philosophy in Poland and abroad, thereby creating a link between workers in the field of philosophy in Poland as well as maintaining a connection with the philosophy of other countries. The Editorial Committee turns to you with a polite request for you to support its efforts and to work with us in the form of submission of introductory articles, presentations of current issues, literature reports, author’s summaries, readings, bibliographic information, and current news. Any contribution concerning your personal activities, your own work, and contacts with institutions and individual scholars, students and collaborators will be particularly valuable. All articles and notes in Philosophical Movement will be honoured[O3] . The editorial committee also requests the submission of review copies of books and other publications as well as proofs of journal articles.

            The editorial committee have their representatives in various university cities. These duties have been undertaken by: Prof. Dr Janina Kamińska (Łódź), Dr Tadeusz Witwicki, Assistant Professor (Warsaw), Dr Stefan Ziemski, Assistant (Warsaw), Dr Józef Reutt, Assistant Professor (Poznań), Eugeniusz Anishchenko, MA, employee of the Department of Culture and Art of the Voivodeship Office (Poznań), Dr Helena Słoniewska, subst. prof. at the University (Wrocław), Dr Tadeusz Tomaszewski, prof. at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Lublin).
These individuals act in all matters relating to relations with Philosophical Movement on an equal footing with members of the Editorial Committee.

                                                                   With expressions of affection,

On behalf of the Editorial Committee
Prof. Dr Tadeusz Czyżowski[O4]

Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14.



[O3]W jakim sensie?  compensated [?] respected [?]
[O4]Czeżowski [?]