Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 11.12.1957

Philosophical Movement


      Toruń, University

      Log no. 37/RF/57


Toruń, 11 December 1957


                                  Dear Roman!

            Forgive me for disturbing you in your role as the chairman of the Cracow Branch of the Polish Philosophical Society with an issue concerning the summary of Ms Janina Makota’s lecture, which I’m attaching to this letter. I received this summary from Ms Gołaszewska along with others for publication in Philosophical Movement. I have the following reservations concerning this summary:

            1. Fundamental doubts: The most important thing seems to me to be what is contained, very briefly, in the last two lines[O1] , for it is this that constitutes ‒ it seems to me ‒ the author’s original contribution. It is therefore necessary to cite what this contribution is based on. As I understand it, it concerns an alternative way to apply the principle of elimination, along with a specific example from modern academic practice. However, it seems to me that the greater part of the text consists of an unnecessary summary of the views of Wright. In any case, the summary is so general that a reader unacquainted with the issue will not benefit from it.

            2. I don’t have Wright’s book here, but I suspect there is a factual error in the summary. Namely, for a sufficient condition, the form of disjunctive factors is appropriate; for a necessary condition, the form of conjunction; whereas with the author it’s the other way round. Finally, I believe that when referring to Wright, the full title of the book and year of publication should be cited.

                                                                              A cordial handshake




[O1]Polska wersja chyba zawiera błąd (w dwóch ostatnich a linea)