Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 12.03.1967

Toruń, 12 March 1967

                        Dear Roman!

            Thank you very much for your letter of 1 March of this year and for the message about the meeting of the Paris Aesthetic Society. I also received a letter from Iza, who’s already in Iwonicz; I hope she’ll recover there. Concerning the matter of her habilitation, I wrote recently to Legowicz; together, we’re supposed to report the results of the so-called survey (he’ll do the historical part, I’ll do the rest). The matter has unfortunately been delayed due to my illness; I hope, however, that I’ll hear from Legowicz soon and that we’ll be able to present our report to the Faculty Council.

            I’m collecting materials for the next issue of Philosophical Movement and need information about the scope of Dr Kuderowicz’s habilitation (which took place in Cracow about a year ago). Would you be able to provide me with this information?

            I’d like to go to the General Assembly of the Polish Philosophical Society in Warsaw on 1 April, and I hope that we’ll see each other there. Meanwhile, the two of us send you both cordial regards

                        and best greetings

                                                        Your Tad