Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 12.11.1966

Prof. Czeżowski

Toruń, 12 November 1966


                        Dear Roman!

            I was sincerely pleased with your letter of 30 October and cordially thank you for your name-day wishes. I was also very interested in your entire trip; please give me the dates and titles (in the original wording) of your lectures in Norway. By the way, I learned not long ago from Kotarbiński that he was also in Norway this year with lectures. Two days ago, I was in Warsaw at a meeting of the IFS Scientific Council[O1] , where I saw Tatarkiewicz, who returned recently in good health from Italy, as well as Iza. The question of her nomination came up at the meeting, where I learned that 13 questions within the framework of the survey received 10 positive responses; somehow it’s already been announced. Legowicz and I were chosen as referees; we’re supposed to see to the compilation of the survey results and the preparation of the final paper. We’ve reached an agreement on the division of the work and I think that we’ll settle the matter soon.

            I suppose that in a short time the defence of Zwinogrodzki’s paper will take place in Cracow, since Suszka [O2] and I have already sent in our reviews; I’d be happy to find you in Cracow, and it’s unlikely the defence will take place before December.

            I attach best regards and cordial greetings from both of us

                                                                       Your Tad



[O1]IPS = Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (w PAN) [??] Może Academic Council
[O2]Suszko (Roman Suszko) [?] oryginal ma z Suszką