Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 22.08.1969

Toruń, 22 August 1969.

            Dear Roman!

            Thank you very much for your letter of the 17th of this month and for the article about the second edition of the Italian philosophical encyclopaedia – very instructive, I read it with sincere interest and with gratitude for the effort you put into it. We’re unfortunately late (the fault of the printer and the censors) in printing Philosophical Movement; we’re behind schedule with two consecutive issues and this will delay the appearance of your article somewhat. We’re supposed to receive issue XXVII/1, which is already printed, from the printer any day now; the next (double) issue XXVII/2-3 is being typeset; and the following issue, XXVII/4, has been completely prepared for printing and is waiting to be laid out. We are currently preparing issue XXVIII/1, to which I want to add your article; if nothing unforeseen occurs, it should come out in the first months of 1970.

            On the occasion of your golden wedding anniversary, Tonia and I send you unfortunately belated, but no less heartfelt wishes; we celebrated our fortieth anniversary this year. We spent our holiday in Toruń, appreciating the comforts of home; we’re healthy and living a quiet life.

                                               We both send you both our best greetings

                                               Your Tad