Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 24.01.1967

Toruń, 24 January 1967

                        Dear Roman!

            Thank you for your card of 17 January of this year. I’ve been worried about what you wrote about Iza’s illness. The matter of her nomination is on the right track; Legowicz and I are the referees for the report on the results of the survey. Unfortunately there was a delay due to my illness, but as soon as I can[O1] , I’ll contact Legowicz to move the thing forward.

            Philosophical Movement has been out already for two weeks, but the printing house has not provided us with the finished copies [O2] yet, so that shipping, for which everything is prepared, has been subject to delay. I read your article in proofs and checked it in the advance copy without finding any printing errors.

            The Semiotics Society interests me and I think that, with the right approach, it could be useful. During the August pre-organisational meeting in Kazimierz nad Wisłą[O3]  I met the French Prof. Greimas, who proposed the preparation of a volume containing an anthology of contemporary Polish logic, as is now fashionable, for the series of publications he is editing. I undertook ‒ perhaps a bit imprudently ‒ this task.

            The state of my health is gradually improving.

            My wife and I send you both cordial regards and wish you a pleasant stay in Rabka

                                                                                                    Your Tad



[O1] Oryginal: będą mógł zam. będę
[O2]Niejasne, co dokładnie znaczy nakładu
[O3]chyba Kazimierz Dolny [?]